TAP IN RIO Festival

Brasil, here I come.

My annual pilgrimage to Brasil starts tomorrow.

This year I plan to make a short video diary, as I will be studying with 2 Samba schools, one of which is all women.

I will also be playing some gigs and having private lessons.

Catching up with some of my oldest dearest friends too.

I am also so delighted to have been invited back to the fabulous Tap in Rio festival, to give my Musicality classes for Tap Dancers and play for the Gala performance.

This is such a beautiful festival. It is run by Steven Harper and Adriana Salomão and has been going for over 17 years.

I was so moved by the warmth of the people. Everyone is so supportive and kind to each other and the generosity of spirit and sharing of knowledge in such a beautiful atmosphere, leads me to believe this is one of the major factors for it being such a great long-term success.

The level of Tap Dancing in Brasil is seriously exellect . One would expect that as Rhythm is deeply embedded in their souls.