A few years ago I brought a beautiful Alfaia back from my trip to Brasil.

I wanted very much to join a Maracatu group.

I started looking around and by some sort of miracle this amazing group BAQUE LUAR presented itself to me.

They are a collective of really wonderful knowledgeable Musicians.

Lizzie Ogle

Ursula Tuca Milan

Alba Cabral

Bea Shantifa

Manuela Benini

Ann-Marie Campbell

Rita Gilpatric

Sally McPherson

Lily May

They invited me to join, so within a few weeks I played my first concert with them at Rich Mix in London supporting the fabulous AFROCIDADE.

To say I was overjoyed is an understatement.

The universe works in surprising ways… if you set your heart on something and ask, she will show you what you need at some point.